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The Common Mistakes in Using Rowing Machine

The presence of rowing machines on the market will be the great alternative to your shopping agenda since it is cheaper than the other elliptical machines and it requires less space at home. Besides, this device can bring more benefits for the users. You can get the same thing if you use this machine too.

However, many people do not understand the best way to operate this item correctly. They should learn more about the right way to run the machine and start their training. Here are the common mistakes people will do in using the rowing machine.


As with anything in life, there is the right way to make use of a machine, just as there is a wrong way to go about it. If you don’t take advantage of the rowing machine in the right way, you may not get optimal benefits out of it. Worse still, it could end up causing some harm to you. There are therefore some mistakes you need to avoid when making use of a machine for exercise purposes.

Common mistakes

One of the main errors in rowing machine usage is where the rower jerks the machine’s arms. This is a mistake which is very easy to make, seeing how the mechanics of rowing machine usage work. What you should aim to do is to keep the machine handle movement independent of your bodily arm movement. This will save you from early fatigue, while also giving you the opportunity to get optimal benefit from your exercise.

Right and proper use


Knowing the best way to use individual devices will let you get the best benefits from the best rowing machine. The right and proper use of this exercise equipment will be helpful for you to keep its great work and let you enjoy its best help for your health in the long term.

Why do some people use this one wrongly? It is due to the lack of knowledge and the incapability to understand the instructions or manuals given to them. The first common mistake is the too far back leaning at the finish position.

Are you leaning too far back?

The too far leaning in the catch position is also wrong in operating this equipment. Another significant thing you need to avoid is to start driving the machine by using your low back. You should start driving it by using your legs.

If you are a novice, it is better for you to ask people who are accustomed to use this one in their daily training. You need to learn more about how to row very well.